Friday, October 05, 2007

Game Friday: Conference Bingo!

Starting Tuesday, I'm headed to three conferences (Virtual Worlds Summit, WMA, ASTC) in one week. In the spirit of "networking" and related social conference challenges, I offer this simple game. Print out the image below (click to download fullsize powerpoint version), bring it to the conference of your choice, and enjoy!

And if you're going to ASTC and want to play, there's a prize in store. Complete the whole card (blackout) with unique individuals you've never met before, and find me (Nina). I'll be there until the end. The blackout with the best story wins a post on the topic of your choice on Museum 2.0. It can be a guest post, an interview with you or your dream person, or I'll write on your topic.

I'm using this as a way to a. motivate to meet new people and b. find out something interesting about them. I hope it's useful for you as well. Happy Bingo-ing!

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Anonymous said...

Another good idea for bingo gamers everywhere!

Anonymous said...

There are rumours that bingo is being banned in the US, is that true?
In the UK, bingo has suffered in recent months due to the ban on smoking in public places, causing smoking customers to either go outside for a cig and face the harsh cold (not a good move for the aged) or stay at home and not play, thus reducing the Bingo Gossip. But banning bingo completely is ridiculous! It is a very mind form of gambling at the most! If you’re going to ban bingo then the lottery has to go too surely? Isn’t that gambling?
Bingo is a number game, based on pure luck, so really it’s not even similar to other gambling games such as poker and sports betting. It’s just like buying a lottery ticket just you have to get more numbers! So then why is it such a problem? Its just takes away the older generations entertainment while the younger generations indulge in perfectly “legal” things like DRUGS! Can they not see which the bigger problem is?

bingohalls said...

Teachers use bingo games when preparing for tests, or helping to teach their students math, foreign language, or some other subject.