Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Quickie: Get More Museum 2.0!

Three other places to find me this week:

1. I was interviewed by Paul Orselli, exhibit creator extraordinaire, on his blog ExhibiTricks.

2. Tom Sakell, a reader and interaction designer, created this very cool presentation for the government that animates my hierarchy of participation with Web-based examples. While I'm most interested in the use of the pyramid for in-person experiences, Tom does a wonderful job demonstrating what it means for museums on the Web.

3. Reach Advisors puts on monthly "Museums Conversations"--conference calls with experts open to the museum community on topics of interest at large. This Friday (July 11), the call will feature Charlene Li of Forrester Research and me talking about museums and Web 2.0. Charlene is a star in the Web 2.0 audience research field whose work I referenced in this post in May about audience profiling. She is the co-author of Groundswell: Winning In a World Transformed by Social Technologies, one of the current bestsellers at Amazon.

The Museum Conversation will be held at 1pm ET/10am PT on Friday, July 11. It's free, but the catch is that it’s already fully subscribed, so Reach Advisors can add only 15 more spots. To request a spot, email susie(at) ASAP with your name, title, organization, and email address. On Thursday evening, Susie will be able to confirm whether or not you are able to slip into one of the 15 available spots, so please respond to her ASAP if interested.

4 comments, add yours!:

Anonymous said...

interesting reading the interview! I ´m very interested in your ideas. They are very helpfull also here in Germany! Hope we meet some day.
:-) burkhard

Anonymous said...

Hi Nina,

Great conversation today. We've been dealing with the issue of Web 2.0 at our museum. In particular, we're grappling with the idea of a content-rich website versus a blog. Any thoughts?

Thanks! Kathleen

victor samra said...

Hi Nina,

Thanks for posting the information about the call. I am finishing up Groundswell right now so it was very timely! I look forward to reading your article (Discourse in the Blogosphere).



Anonymous said...

Hi Nina,

Nice to hear you with Charlene on the Reach Advisors on Friday. Thanks for offering some good advice on blogging . I'm starting to build my comments karma now.