Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bettering this Blog

Dear readers,

Thank you for making these first few months of Museum 2.0 an enjoyable experience for me, and hopefully, for you. Over 1500 unique readers have accessed the blog and I really appreciate your interest.

I'm going to spend some time over the next month learning about and improving this blog. My plans include:
--getting a dedicated domain
--futzing with the overall design
--making the archived posts easier to find and access

I'm also considering:
--inviting other writers into the fold
--trying to come up with a regular schedule for posting
--figuring out how to share this content with more folks and encourage comments

What's working and what isn't working for you so far? If you have any helpful thoughts or suggestions to make this blog better--technically or creatively--, please drop a comment or email me (ninaksimon at gmail dot com). Thanks!

3 comments, add yours!:

Anonymous said...

I think this blog is wonderful and am happy to hear that you might be expanding it. My one big suggestion would be to please reconsider the light-words-on-a-black-background when you redesign.. for some reason the contrast makes this blog rather hard to read.

I don't mind infrequent posts as long as they are of good quality. I appreciate that you give us a screenshot or a picture with each post.

In some blogs, the comments are displayed along with the post without the need to click on a link- this could encourage people to comment.

Also, I like game fridays. Please keep them coming.

All in all, thanks for this blog!

Anonymous said...

Is that Wendy Pollack of ASTC? Hello Wendy! (Or not.)

I've got this blog on my morning reading list. I find it interesting, absorbing, and entertaining. I also enjoy arguing (and eventually agreeing) with Nina.

I'd prefer, however, to be part of a discussion among many, not one of the few voices posting regular comments. Frankly, I rarely have anything of substance to add -- I'm just posting cantankerously because I enjoy the sound of my own comments (and because I like to bother NYHOS's Eric Siegel).

In fact, I think technology is evil. Let's go back to Office 1.0, where messages flew through tubes and typewriters used carbon to make copies.


Unknown said...

I too enjoy reading your blog -- I can always count on finding something interesting and thought-provoking in the posts. I like that you write about stuff from outside the realm of museums and make it relevant to the museum visitor experience, developing exhibits, etc. It takes me a while to formulate my own thoughts, so I don't usually comment...