Monday, March 12, 2007

Using 2.0 to Promote Civic Discourse in Museums: Your Ideas?

Dear folks,

I've been asked to write an article for the journal Museums and Social Issues about "using 2.0 to promote civic discourse in museums" for an upcoming issue on, you guessed it, civic discourse. The editors are particularly interested in museum initiatives that provide a forum for people on opposite sides of any number of ideological fences to have real dialogue.

I'll be putting it together over the next couple of weeks. I get lots and lots of words. In true 2.0 spirit, I want your input. If you have or know of any projects or wild ideas I might want to include, please let me know.

thanks, nina

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Angelina said...

Hi Nina
I'd be interested in the article. The research project which we conduct in Australia might offer some interesting case study data.
You can view it at

Anonymous said...

Do you know of any museums that have tried this? There certainly is quite a bit speculation as to how Web 2.0 may facilitate such discourse but I don't know of much that has occured.

I think Web 2.0 has the potential to achieve Eilean Hooper-Greenhill's (and others) ideas about creating a "post museum" where institutions seek input from their communities to share authority and thus build a common knowledge base from which to develop exhibtions and programs.

Anonymous said...

Re: civic discourse, maybe you'd want to contact the Norwegians who are currently running the "animal homosexuality" exhibition in Oslo? Not sure if they used any 2.0 ideas in the discourse around this wonderful exhibition...

Back from vacation,