Wednesday, July 11, 2007

PSA: Receive Museum 2.0 Via Weekly Email

Do you like the content here but hate having to come to the site to get it? Don't want to deal with RSS readers or feed aggregators?

Well, now, thanks to Feedblitz, Museum 2.0 comes right to your (email) door. You'll see a new box in the sidebar where you can sign up for a weekly email with the full content of that week's Museum 2.0 posts. If you can view HTML in your email, you'll see all the pictures; plus, there's a handy table of contents at the top so you can click right to posts of interest. The email links to the comment pages and allows you to email individual posts to others, too.

To subscribe, enter your email address in the sidebar, or click here.

Sure, email isn't 2.0. But part of Web 2.0 is getting the content where you want it, when you want it. Which sounds pretty darn good to me.

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