Thursday, March 27, 2008

Guest Blogger for Museums and the Web 2008?

Are you going to Museums and the Web in Montreal in April? You lucky person! I won't see you there. Fortunately/unfortunately, I'm speaking at both Creating Exhibitions the first weekend of April and AAM the last weekend of April, so I couldn't swing a third conference in the middle of the month.

But! I'm hoping that you're out there, you eloquent writer you, yearning to share your experiences from MW08 with the Museum 2.0 stratosphere (and me). I'll be doing an interview with the talented Jennifer Trant after the conference is over, but would also love to have you share some "on the ground" perspectives from or directly after the conference. You do not have to have any particular expertise beyond ability to write and interest in the content (and perhaps, a healthy skepticism to go with it)!

Please send me a note at if you are interested in this opportunity. And check out Jessica Harden's excellent report from AAM last year if you want some inspiration that yes, you can do this too.

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Anonymous said...

I imagine the New Media team at the Walker will be blogging as much as time allows - if not here, at least we can cross link some content?

Anonymous said...

Nina -- So sorry you won't be there!

We're encouraging everyone to use as a way to post thoughts if they aren't blogging in their own space already (or even if they are).

Mike Ellis has been helping us pull together the digital trace of MW2008, both while it's happening and after, including blog posts, tweets, flickr photos ... ; we'll be testing OneTag. See his blog post introducing it.

We'd love to see some 'off-site' activity too... feel free to throw in your questions or thoughts.