Friday, April 11, 2008

Live Blogging from Museums and the Web

For some truly great coverage of the Museums and the Web conference currently taking place in Montreal, check out the New Media Initiatives blog from the Walker. I'm loving my armchair tour from home. You can also follow the Twitter tweets here (and find some good folks to follow). And next week, come here for a guest post by Bryan Kennedy from the Science Museum of Minnesota reflecting on his experiences at the conference.

Who knew it could be so easy to get the conference content without having to leave home? I'm even getting that inspired feeling, without the severe sleep deprivation.

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Susan said...


I totally agree. The best part for me is that the blog entries are taking me back to the archimuse site to see which of the papers are the ones to really read...

Anonymous said...

And a friend also recommends the hastag site - don't know if this was the original motivation for the #mw2008 tags.

Anonymous said...

the hashtag convention -- that enables things like -- has its roots in irc channels. it's an easy way to flag content in a tweet as relevant to a theme, and group the threads of a conversation together. that tagging enables all kinds of services to operate on the feed.

for the mw2008 stream from twitter pulled into onetag -- at -- mike ellis is actually just grabbing the 'mw2008' string from tweets [with or without the #] and integrating it with other sources tagged mw2008. so it's slightly more comprehensive than

background on hashtags can be found at with a good overview of the need at