Friday, December 01, 2006

Museum 2.0 Professional Services

Ready to turn your institution into a site of participatory engagement? Want to bring the spirit of this blog to your colleagues and projects? Have an audacious idea but don't know where to start?

Museum 2.0 specializes in designing museum experiences and exhibitions that are community informed, socially stimulating, technologically ambitious, and intriguingly experimental. With expertise in gaming, the social web, and collaborative exhibit development, I can bring new perspectives to the way you do business across your institution.

I am available for consulting and strategic development, and creative design and leadership of exhibition, technology, and museum planning projects.

I also offer training workshops on the following topics:
    • From Me to We: Creating visitor social networks around museum content
    • Gaming the Museum: Using game mechanics and techniques to design engaging visitor experiences
    • The Participatory Museum: IT-free ways to turn visitors into users and involve staff at all levels as content generators and moderators
    • Web 2.0 for Museum Professionals: The tools, the language, and the opportunities that fit your institution's needs

Recent projects include:

Contact me today to start discussing your crazy idea!

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