Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quick Hit: Projects You Can Jump Into

Sometimes people send me interesting projects, job opportunities, and tidbits that don't fit the standard Museum 2.0 post structure. Rather than keep them resigned to Twitter, I've decided to start a new occasional feature, Quick Hits, that gets the good stuff right to you. If you have an opportunity, link, or suggestion that should be profiled here, please leave it in the comments!

And now, the quick hits for this week...

Can you see the future?
Jane McGonigal, the queen of alternate reality gaming, is starting a new game with Institute For the Future called Superstruct, and she's looking for five community managers/game masters. The game will run for eight weeks starting on Sept. 8, and game masters will work with her to lead communities of thousands of players on the Web who imagine the way our world will look in 2019. If you are interested in futurecasting or ARGs, this is a fabulous learning opportunity with a stellar leader at the helm. I would LOVE to do this but don't have the time... but my dream is that some museum out there is willing to carve staff time to do this and thus becomes synonymous with online communities, gaming, and the future. How cool would that be?

Hablo Espanol?
For her Fulbright, Elaine Gurian, museum superstar, is compiling a list of useful museum studies material that is available in both English and Spanish. Toward that end, she is looking for the best material written in both languages--on any continent--that has already been translated. She is also looking for the best material in Spanish that should be translated to English. If you know of such resources or would like to help, please contact Elaine directly at egurian @

Were you at VSA?
Did you attend the Visitor Studies Association conference and take part in their alternate keynote programming? I'd love to hear more about how it went and what you got out of it. Please share a comment here or on the original VSA conference post to let us know!

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