Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick Hit: Meet Me Down Under

I'm about to leave on a month-long trip to New Zealand and Australia. If you happen to be in the land of kiwis or kangaroos, you can find me:
  • At the National Digital Forum at Te Papa on Nov 23-24, keynoting a closing session about how to move risky projects from dreams to reality.
  • Offering free workshops open to the public on participatory museum practice in Wellington (Nov 26), Christchurch (Nov 27), and Auckland (Dec 14). Click on a city name to learn more about how to register and attend.
  • Hiking in the Wakatipu area Nov 28-Dec 6.
  • Leading internal workshops with Te Papa (Nov 25), the Powerhouse Museum (Dec 8-9) the State Library of Queensland (Dec 10-11), and the Auckland War Memorial Museum (Dec 15).
See you in the southern hemisphere!

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José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...


New Zealand is one of the few countries that I'd chose to live besides Portugal when not taking into account the economic level.
Not that it's bad in NZ, but compared to Portugal, there were many countries where I'd prefer to live.
I really like those landscapes, namely having a spring scene with the snow up there.
Once I saw a programme about wildlife where they showed these very curious parrots (I guess they're parrots). They are very nosey and funny.
On that show, they were "desmantling" (sp?) a bus with their bics. One of them shoved his head inside the tailpipe and got a cirle on his head :-)

Have a nice weekend,


Unknown said...

Hey Nina

Advance greetings for your trip down under! Having just come back from a week around Wakatipu, I can say that you should have a fabulous time in some of the best hiking country in the Southern Hemisphere. And your timing is perfect to be there. Hope the work side is fun too!


Darren Peacock