Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Guest Posts and Old Favorites Coming this Fall to Museum 2.0

There have been many times over the past six and a half years that my blogging has been strained by life and work. I've been proud that I've been able to keep up weekly posts--even when on vacation, moving across the country, or pulling 80-hour work weeks.

But later this summer, I'm taking on a personal transition that goes above and beyond: I'm having a baby. This is going to add all kinds of wonderfulness and chaos to my life. I don't want to blog about it. But I do want a healthy period of not feeding the Museum 2.0 beast while I am busy feeding another one.

For that reason, I'm planning to devote August and September of this year to a mixture of guest posts and re-posts from the Museum 2.0 vaults. After six and a half years, I have more than 650 posts, and given the statistics on new visitors to the site, I assume that many of you may have missed gems from the early years. At the same time, I'm hoping guest posts will bring in some fresh perspectives that push forward the dialogue on this blog and in the field.

So I'm curious:
  • Is there anyone you would love to see a guest post from this fall? I have some folks in mind but would love to know if there are specific individuals, projects, or institutions you would like to hear from.
  • Are there topics that you are curious about that you feel haven't been covered here (or haven't been covered for awhile)? I can pick posts from the past based on popularity, but if there is a more interesting lens through which to filter, I'm happy to do it.

P.S. Don't worry; I'll be back. 
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